More of Me to Love

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More of Me to Love is an online community that strives to help people achieve healthier and happier lives through simple yet effective mental wellness, nutrition and fitness habits – and for FREE! More of Me to Love is not a diet or a weight loss program, but a community based on the understanding that people are beautiful in all different shapes and sizes. We want you to love the body you’re in now. With engaging chat forums, blogs, a Resource Center with articles and plus-size links and more for living a comfortable life at any size, More of Me to Love is the place for continuous learning, self-exploration and loving life. Our experts and members provide the support, information and encouragement necessary to make life better at every size.
Shop in the More of Me to Love Store
The More of Me to Love Store offers products to make life better for the bigger bodied person. From seat belt extenders for cars and planes to high weight-capacity furniture, and from intriguing books to XL bra liners, we provide our customers with products to make life comfortable in larger bodies. Love your body by giving it the products that make life easier and healthier.

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