Accessorizing: Same Dress, Different Styles by Patricia Morgado

Accessorizing is one of the best ways to create more options when choosing what to wear. They can dramatically change an outfit. Depending on the acccessories, hair style and make up you can wear the same outfit in completely different styles! I practiced accessorizing with a white T shirt and jeans using Polyvore. I’ve created … Continue reading

Summer Joy: Bikiniland by Patricia Morgado

  Bikinis for you For those plus size women who like wearing bikinis there aren’t many options as I mentioned in my last post ” The right to wear bikinis”. But the good news is that I’m learning to look for the positive side of things in order not to be dragged down by negativity, … Continue reading

Make Those Hips Smaller!

I truly believe each and everyone of us have our own sense of style. This is a good thing. Every woman should have that look that works specifically for them and have your own identity. However there are those basic things most of us fall prey to when were shopping for the perfect skirt are … Continue reading