Insights: One Dress, Three Outfits by Patricia Morgado

We all have a piece in our wardrobe that we love and wear very often, don’t we? Sometimes, however, we run out of ideas on how to wear the same piece differently. This post is about getting inspired to varying up the way you wear your staple pieces. Today we have a Dorothy Perkins Dress … Continue reading

Insights: Fashion at Every Size by Patricia Morgado

  I have a special dream that fashion stores would cater to bodies of every size. Not a different collection, but simply bigger numbers on the racks.   Of course we have excellent plus size brands and they have been taking care of plus size women beautifully, and they would still exist in my dream … Continue reading

Inspirations: Tatiana Gaião by Patricia Morgado

The Brazilian plus size model Tatiana Gaião has a very inspiring life story. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, she has struggled with self esteem issues and has learned to love her beautiful body . She’s the plus size version of the Girl from Ipanema. She’s an inspiration to curvy women n Brazil (myself … Continue reading

Living Big: an interview with Tanesha, from Girl with Curves

Living Big: an interview with Tanesha, from Girl with Curves by Patricia Morgado Tanesha Awasthi is a long time friend of MOMTL. She’s written a guest post and she’s the owner of the blog Girl with curves where she share’s her style in photos, videos and tips on make up and accessorizing. Tanesha is a … Continue reading

Accessorizing: Glitter Shoes by Patricia Morgado

    I must admit, I am glitter obsessed. I believe that (almost) any look can benefit from a little sparkle. Accessories, make up or a detail in a piece of clothing, are great ways to add a little glitz. Lately though, glitter shoes have been gathering a lot of attention, so I know I’m … Continue reading

Living Big: Interview with Lauren, from Pocket Rocket by Patricia Morgado

I’m very proud to bring an exclusive interview with Lauren Ding, from the FATshion blog Pocket Rocket. Every blogger I interview here is a personal fashion icon and people that I’ve been following around for a while. Therefore they are a collection of fierce and fashionable women, each one of them with a unique style … Continue reading

Hula Hooping is So Much Fun by Sue Bary, Certified Health Coach

Hoop the Loop We are all human, which means we like variety in our lives. Thus, it’s not uncommon for my clients to request a change of scenery and activity from time to time. As a result, I’ve started incorporating Hula Hooping into our sessions! Have I ever mentioned how much fun Hula Hooping is? … Continue reading

Accessorizing: Spring Issue, part 1 by Patricia Morgado

Today let’s take a look at shoes, bags, belts and scarves. Next week is dedicated entirely to jewelry!

Inspirations: Spring Collections Round-Up 2012, part 2 by Patricia Morgado

Dressed Up in Love I love dresses and having the opportunity to wear them is so great. They can suit every mood and style and the same piece can be dramatically changed just with accessories. I have a selection of dresses today for both casual and fancy occasions

How To “Breakup” With Dieting In 5 Easy Steps by Golda Poretsky, H.H.C.

  Stopping dieting is a lot like breaking up with an actual person. When you’ve dieted, your dreams of how your life will look are a lot like your dreams of what your life will look like with a particular person in it. For example, if you’re dating someone, you might be dreaming of going … Continue reading