The all natural moisturizing your skin craves. The easy convenience that makes sure it has it…and keeps your life new and fun at the same time. These pure cocoa and shea butter lotion pellets give your hands and body natural nutrition and healing not found in traditional lotions. These also give you the convenience; and take away the mess.

All the benefits of pure cocoa butter and shea butter, without the mess that goes with scooping it from a tub.When you smell these you’ll say “oh wow” (everyone does). The natural aromatherepy makes the experience even more pleasing to all your senses.

Ingredients: 100% organic, unrefined cocoa butter; shea butter; hand filtered beeswax; raw virgin coconut oil; grape seed oil; sweet almond oil; vitamin E oil; pure lavender and vanilla essential oils.

Directions: Place the pellet in your hands. Allow the heat from your hands to warm and gently melt the natural butters into your skin. Rub oil wherever desired. Each container holds approximately 30 lotion pellets. Made in USA

Product Care Information

If your product arrives soft or somewhat melted it can be returned to a hardened state by leaving it in a moisture free refridgerator. Pellets should be stored in a cool dry place. Do not store pellets in excessive heat.

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