Constant Comments by Dr Deah

I am not clear how this came about…but about…it certainly came.

There seems to be an unspoken rule that it is perfectly okay for people to comment on other people’s bodies. And I am not referring just to the behind the back conspiratorial comments frequently accompanied by a wink wink nudge nudge to a nearby co-commenter. I am not even talking about the never-ending stream of body comments in the tabloids. I am talking about face to face full body slamming contact commenting by strangers who feel perfectly justified in walking up to someone and letting them know that they are fat. A public service announcement of immense proportions doled out as if I had been living my life under a rock.

“No, really???  Me??? Why, I hadn’t noticed! Thanks for telling me that…now I will fix it and my whole life will be better and all because of you!”

“Oh wait, don’t leave, how in the world shall I repay you?”

And then there are those who are more specific in their assault as they single out a particular body part that they find offensive or distasteful.


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