Plus London 2012 by Patricia Morgado

Plus Size Fashion Events: Love Them! One of the ideas of this blog is to cover plus sized fashion related events around the world. I’m not able to attend them all, unfortunately, but I’m happy that they are getting more and more frequent that it would be impossible to be there in person anyway. Not … Continue reading

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Running for Beginners, pt. 2 by Sue Bary, Certified Health Coach

Look Ahead Your eyes should be focused on the ground about 10-20 feet ahead of you. Don’t stare at your feet. Not only is this proper running form, but it’s also a safer way to run because you can see what’s coming. How Your Foot Should Land There are various different ways of running, however, … Continue reading

Running for Beginners, pt. 1 by Sue Bary, Certified Health Coach

Starting a new running habit can feel very overwhelming to a beginner runner.  If you’re feeling intimidated or nervous about getting started with running, don’t worry, that’s completely normal. Instead of starting your running habit willy nilly, it’s helpful to learn some basic information about running. Getting Started Before you even take your first steps, … Continue reading

New Affiliate Program

We are proud to announce we have a New Affiliate Program! Great way to earn some extra cash. How to sign-up Locate at the bottom of our website “Become an Affiliate” and click You will need to creat an account with us in order to sign-up Provide a valid SSN and email address (This is … Continue reading