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What Makes Us Beautiful? by Gabriela Falarz

The other day, I saw this question on a website and I got all warm and fuzzy inside when I read the answers. We all think that what we look like is so important, but it turns out it’s not really important at all. On a daily basis, we are exposed to images of what … Continue reading

Tis The Season To Give

Support Our Cause Curvacious Corner Shop starting the month of November 2011 is doing something to help support other women. Whenever you make a purchase from any of our online stores: Ebay and Big Cartel, we will donate a percentage of the sale to a local organization that provides clothing, shoes, handbags and numerous other … Continue reading

From Shame-Full to Shame-Less by Dr Deah

    Most of us are introduced to Shame when we are quite young. Shame starts small…singular…. ”You should be a“shamed” of yourself,” “Shame on you!” But Shame has an insidious cumulative effect. Like eating potato chips, it doesn’t usually stop at one. As time passes one Shame joins another Shame and these Shames continuously … Continue reading

No More Weighting by Dr Deah

Take One My eyes open. I languidly stretch my body. I feel gratitude for my strong legs and murmur words of love to my round belly. I roll over onto my side and serenely admire how my butt looks like two plump croissants nestled next to each other. And as my thighs kiss each other … Continue reading

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