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To Market We Will Go by Mary Stein

  See You in September Summer sighs its first farewells with gentle breezes through chameleon leaves as nights cool and daytime temperatures drop. Among the many joys this time of year brings, such as football season and kids going back to school, are the bountiful harvests in farmers’ fields and backyard gardens, waiting to be … Continue reading

I’m a Catch. I’m Attractive, Smart and Confident. by Michal Spiegelman

What happens when you become aware of limiting beliefs like: “No one is ever going to like me”, “I’m not in her/his league”, or “Nobody hears me or notices me”? Many times, you keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. The key is to understand that life does not just … Continue reading

September Discounts!

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Model for a Day: A Self Esteem Booster by Patricia Morgado

  Last weekend I attended the fourth Rio de Janeiro edition of Model for a Day. It’s a day in which the participants can feel like divas: make up and hair by Katia Feitosa and her team, outfits and accessories by  Dorcas Plus Size, Madame Papu and Via Plus , professional photographs by Hilton Costa, … Continue reading